One step closer to arresting Karl Rove…

via American Freedom Campaign

Eleven days ago, I encouraged you to send an E-mail to your U.S. representative, urging him or her to support the use of inherent contempt against former Bush administration official Karl Rove, if it appeared as if it were necessary.  A few days later, the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to Rove, seeking his testimony on July 10 about the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

On Sunday, Rove responded publicly to this subpoena during an interview on television…Here is the text from our site: 

In one of the most blatant dismissals of congressional power ever uttered by a current or former member of the Bush administration – which is no small accomplishment – former White House official Karl Rove essentially denied that congressional oversight power exists during an interview ABC’s “This Week” on May 25.

When asked whether he planned to testify about his role in the suspicious prosecution and imprisonment of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman by the U.S. Department of Justice, Rove said that he had no intention of complying – even after being issued a subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee.  Here is his exact response:

“Congress, the House Judiciary Committee, wants to be able to call presidential aides on its whim up to testify,” Rove said. “It’s going to be tied up in court and settled in court.”

One of the keys to our system of checks and balances is the ability of Congress to oversee the activities of the executive branch and to seek testimony where appropriate.  To describe this as a desire of Congress to “call presidential aides on its whim up to testify” is simply arrogant and, frankly, un-American.

Fortunately, Congress has the ability to use its inherent contempt power to have Rove arrested and brought to Congress to testify.  Given Rove’s statement, Congress MUST now use this power.

If you have not yet used our Web site to urge your U.S. representative to arrest Karl Rove, please do so now by clicking on the following link.

Dude’s just asking for it.  And I will laugh with glee when they press contempt charges.  It’ll be about damn time…

EDIT: Here’s a video of him saying it (at aroung 1:10):

Spin, spin, spin.  Rove is full of shit.


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2 Responses to One step closer to arresting Karl Rove…

  1. snowshoe says:

    Rove is a thug. I hope he rots in hell.

  2. Antigua Captain says:

    Yes, I wrote my Representatives and Senators.

    In a democratic society and nation (such as ours), the saving grace of a democracy vs. a republic is the harsh reality of the downfall and imprisonment of individuals who attempted to enact laws which mirror concepts of a tyrannical society and nation.

    Because, when that ruling party loses power, any clandestine activities and powers of imprisonment they sanctioned and were made into laws can and may be used by their successors against them!

    The concept and act of taking away individual liberties and freedoms only looks reasonable and rational to one who has the power to enact non-libertarian laws and pursue individuals and and take their freedoms and the freedoms of the society away while these rulers are in power.

    Ironically, once they now longer have the power of position and privilege, the same laws they enacted that rip away the fabric of freedom now apply to them, as well.

    This is like the old school of looking at Communism – looks good on paper, but when enacted, ……

    And so now, Karl Rove is expressing and nay, demanding, he be afforded the same rights and freedoms he was so eager to ignore.

    Even as he says he is afforded “Executive Privilege” – whatever term and legal rights he may think it means that it affords to him – he is so pathetically stupid that he somehow believes that he was and is a “special, special person” who was not and is not and cannot be questioned, investigated or imprisoned for any acts he performed while working in the white house.

    Apparently, he was too young to remember Watergate and has gone into denial about Scooter Libby’s trial – perhaps he lives in a world of Republican fantasy where McCain will surely be elected and will surely pardon him. After all, in his mind, Ford was re-elected and Pardoned Nixon.

    How naive people who ride the wave of power become for those brief moments in history.

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