ICE raids Bay Area taquerias after May Day march

via New American Media

The day after May 1 immigrant rights marches, undercover ICE officials in the Bay Area raided a chain of taquerias, arresting three employees.  Immigrant rights organizations are claiming that the timing of these raids is no coincidence.

“I pay my taxes, I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t have a record,” said [José Sánchez López, one of the workers who was arrested]. “I’m one of those people who goes from my house to work, and on the weekends I take walks with my family,” said the young father of three.

In a telephone interview, ICE spokesperson Virginia Kice confirmed that 63 undocumented workers were detained from the raids – 62 Mexicans and one Guatemalan – at 11 Bay Area taqueria chains.

Of the total number of detainees, only 10 are still in custody, she said. The rest were released and are awaiting immigration proceedings.

Oh?  And those that were released have electronic monitoring devices on their ankles now, tracking their every move.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think law enforcement officials could put those monitoring devices to better use, on say, pedophiles and rapists who might have reason to flee?  Abusive stalkers with restraining orders against them, perhaps?

But no…instead they’re treating immigrants like thugs, even though most of these people probably have jobs and families and every reason not to just pick up and run.


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One Response to ICE raids Bay Area taquerias after May Day march

  1. cf says:

    You have a new big fan.

    It is not just you.

    It is not just you.

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