Hollywood Torture v. Real-Life Torture

*Rendition spoiler alert*

I finally got to see Rendition this weekend (after being on the library waitlist for it for a good 2 months).  I’d still like Jake Gyllenhaal to be one of my future non-husbands when I grow up, plus I do like political movies, so I thought I’d like it a lot more than I did.

It was kind of hard to laugh at the sarcastic remarks in Rendition, though, after reading on Friday about the release of Sami al-Haj, an Al Jazeera cameraman who was held for six and a half years at Guantanamo without any trial (or charges):

via AlterNet

Back to Rendition…seeing stuff like the above video makes it kind of hard to laugh at sarcastic movie remarks such as “this is my first torture.”  It also makes happy-ish Hollywood endings like Rendition‘s that much more full of shit.  I mean really, can you imagine a head government dude having a change of heart, sneaking a prisoner out of the foreign torture prison, smuggling him to safety on a boat, then flying him back home to his worried pregnant wife?  Ha!  Sure as hell not this government…

I am fucking horrified and heartbroken on behalf on Sami al-Haj, and horrified further still knowing that there are countless more like him. 

Rendition would’ve done far greater service to leave its wronged victim stuck indefinitely in that Egyptian prison like they are in this fucked up reality, rather than cop out and make everyone feel all nice and happy at the end, no?


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One Response to Hollywood Torture v. Real-Life Torture

  1. Marlin says:

    I sure wish the people would wake up, take control of our country back from the Government that oppresses us and the world.

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